School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan 2022 – 2026


Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2022 – 2025

Catholic Identity


Learning & Teaching

Pastoral Wellbeing

Stewardship of Resources


We aspire to foster a welcoming and just faith community that is inspired by Jesus and the Brigidine charism.

We aspire to be a community where leadership is celebrated and encouraged through fostering individual unique gifts and talents.

We aspire to develop a culture of high expectations where all learners know what they are learning, why they are learning it and how to be successful.

We aspire to develop strong connections with the St Pat’s community, enhancing the understanding of wellbeing and its importance to the whole learner.

We aspire to respond to and anticipate the needs of our school community in a changing world.


1. Explore and teach the foundations of the Brigidine charism through faith formation experiences.

2. Provide opportunities for our school community to experience sacramental and liturgical celebrations.

3. Identify and bring to life the Catholic identity markers throughout our school.

1. Offer leadership experiences for staff and students embracing their strengths.

2. Ensure opportunities for choice and voice allowing learners to see themselves as authentic agents in learning and leadership.

3. Providing opportunities for wider community engagement in learning.

1. Create a culture of consistency that strives for learners to know what they are learning and why.

2. Provide high quality feedback between the teacher, learner and family to enhance student learning, growth and goal achievement.

3. Ensure a stimulating and secure learning environment where learners can experience success.

1. Create a culture where gratitude, resilience and empathy are embedded to enhance positive relationships and student wellbeing.

2. Embed Positive Behaviour Support Inventions to meet the learning needs of all learners.

3. Strive for a well community with strong relationships that fosters interconnection.

1. School buildings and grounds are designed, managed and maintained to support high performance learning for all.

2. New technologies enhance academic achievement and health and wellbeing of each member of the community.

3. Opportunities are sought and acted upon to incorporate environmental and sustainable initiatives.


Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2022 – 2026